About Us

McNitt Bros. Wood Works — Custom Furniture Maker in Tucson, Arizona

Brothers Ben and John "Jay" McNitt operate Wood Works in Tucson, Arizona.

Ben is the designer and woodworker. Jay assists on marketing.

Our aim is to put the client in control - a different experience than choosing from set offerings in catalogs or on showroom floors. When you commission a project from Wood Works, it is uniquely yours. Wood Works does not manufacture furniture. We typically produce one or two pieces per month. Each is special. Commissions are custom designed and hand crafted to meet the client's specifications on dimensions, the wood or woods to be used, coloration, hardware and the finish to be applied.

At its best, this process engages the client in creating the piece and brings with it a sense of personal investment that adds to the work's value.

We apply this approach to all our commissions, whether it be for a modest project that might cost a few hundred dollars or an ambitious one that might involve obtaining a special stock of lumber from distant sawmills or suppliers.

Our designs are rooted in Early American and Shaker traditions with their emphasis on functionality, simplicity of line and precision craftsmanship. A hallmark of much of our work is the use of wide plank cherry boards. These boards - up to 20 or more inches wide and eight or more feet long - were common in 18th Century American furniture but are rarely seen in contemporary pieces. We hand select our wide board cherry at sawmills in Pennsylvania and have them railroaded to our shop in Tucson.

Our Southwestern designs are most frequently executed in mesquite, the Sonoran desert's signature species. Mesquite is characterized by dense grain patterns and a warm burgundy coloration with flecks ranging from deep black to near gold.

Sculpted designs are a Wood Works specialty. Using grinders and chisels we create free form carvings that combine the art of sculpture with the craft of furniture making.

Ben launched Wood Works in 2002 in Washington, DC, and in 2007 joined up in Tucson with Jay, former vice president of Western American Furniture.

Whether you are just curious to flesh out a furniture idea you have in mind, desire a straight forward piece to meet a special need or want to commission a larger project, Wood Works welcomes the opportunity to work with you.