Woodcraft's Wood Fair

Posted Oct 24, 2010 by Ben McNitt

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Art Flores, left, with Allen Barnard

A woodworker's candy store of exotic and domestic lumber was on sale Saturday in parking lot at Woodcraft, 6230 N. Oracle.

Randy Castellini, who runs Woodcraft, had called around to local lumber suppliers, to put on the second Wood Fair he's organized. He's considering having another this Spring.

Joe Vercillo was there with 60,000 board feet of lumber he'd just trucked in from Ohio. His fare spanned the traditionals like cherry, maple, walnut and oak and included a variety of offbeats like ambrosia maple, sassafras and eastern ironwood. I picked up a couple of boards of sassafras to see how it works. Joe assures me it's very easy to work and takes on the look of hickory with some sun exposure. If you've got a project in mind and are looking for a good supply of lumber, give Joe a call at 520-425-2179.

Art Flores was also there with Allen Barnard who's been handling the log saw at Tumacacori Mesquiite-Sawmill for the past several weeks cutting one of the largest selections of mesquite burls that's available anywhere in the country.

Art and his wife Valerie have run the sawmill since 1982. Under a permit he has with the Bureau of Land Management, he's recently brought in over 100,000 pounds of mesquite burl - incredibly dense hubs of wood from the knotty tree base that can be turned and finished on their own or cut into beautifully patterned slabs. He has some that are up to three feet in diameter.  I got one that I'm looking to use as a small table top with a sculpted base. If you're interested in mesquite burl, you need to give Art a call - 520-398-9356. A visit to the sawmill is always enjoyable and Tubac, with its art and craft district is just up the road.

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